Episode 002: Let’s Get Down To Business!

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Episode 002: Let’s Get Down To Business!


Welcome to Dan Peña’s second Ask the 50 Billion Dollar Man podcast episode!


We’d like to thank everyone who watched the first episode, have given feedback and have sent in their questions. Keep em’ comin!


For this second episode, we have the usual mix of questions but as the title suggests, there are more business and finance–related questions in this episode.



Episode Highlights:

How to be Focused, Productive and Efficient (00:01:50)
Building the Perception of Success (00:02:45)
Why are IPOs Considered Exit Strategies If You Can’t Leave for Years? (00:14:40)
What are the Things to Look For in a Financial Partner? (00:22:10)
What Do You Need to Attract Advantageous, Long-term Lending or Financial Acquisitions? (00:23:10)
Crowdfunding as a Means to Raise Capital (00:23:40)


If you would like to get more information about Dan’s QLA seminars, please send an email to his assistant Thelma, at thelmag@guthriecastle.com.

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