Episode 004: Change It Up

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Episode 004: Change It Up
Welcome to the fourth episode of  Dan’s Ask the 50 Billion Dollar Man!
In this episode, Dan explores a new presentation format for his viewers. Let us know what you think!



What is the difference between most people’s commitment and high performance people’s commitment? (00:06:25)
What is QLA in a nutshell? (00:09:43)
What mindset will help me be of most value to others? (00:11:05)
How do you maintain a continuously high level of smart and effective work? (00:12:54)
What is the best way to learn how to become a great salesperson? (00:19:57)
How do you maintain a business mindset in a comfortable environment? (00:20:42)
How have you assisted QLA devotees to increase their ability to take risks? (00:32:25)
What is the most important thing in success and in all aspects of life? (00:33:19)
What are the characteristics of a super entrepreneur? (00:33:43)

Does Dan wear boxers or briefs? — Find out here on Episode 004!


If you would like to get more information about Dan’s QLA seminars, please send an email to his assistant Thelma, at thelmag@guthriecastle.com.



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