Episode 006: Listen Up! (Again)

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Episode 006: Listen Up! (Again)

Welcome to the sixth episode of  Dan’s Ask the 50 Billion Dollar Man!
We are on the second installment of Dan’s all-audio podcast. We go back to the regular video podcasts on the next episode. And watch out for special podcasts coming soon!



Episode Highlights:

Are you a madman acting enlightened or an enlightened man acting mad? (00:00:46)

How difficult have you found it for your mentees to convince potential board members to join their dream team? (00:19:18)

Is it different raising capital today? (00:22:25)

What was your biggest mistake? (00:23:22)

Do you still do private coaching? (00:32:50)

What are the failures you’ve had to get across the goal line? (00:34:16)


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