Episode 10: Deal With It!


Episode 010: Deal With It!

It’s something all entrepreneurs and businessmen must know how to do. What is it? Making DEALS of course! But let’s face it, not everyone succeeds. In this episode, there are different questions revolving around the topic of “making deals”, from the step-by-step procedure of making a deal, to how to know if it’s hot or not. But in the end, whatever problems you encounter in your ventures, you must learn how to DEAL WITH IT!



Mr. Peña, you advise that it is critical to make lawyers and accountants to be part of the deal. Do you also imply that they will delay charging you for the establishment of the company? If not, then this means your raising capital aspect should also include the financing of the start-up costs? (00:05:50)

Promise to pay later, after first year, after first deal? Other ideas that have worked? (00:10:35)

For most ideas that don’t develop, the problem is a question of finance. With this in mind, why is it then so hard to over-finance a deal? (00:16:35)

Are there other uses to the legal tool that are to the advantage of the buyer when it comes to getting good deals out of the other side? (00:26:10)

Would you recommend buying in a market that could potentially be a bubble, and if so do you have nay ideas to help me avoid getting screwed? (00:54:05)


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