Episode 11: Consequences


Episode 011: Consequences

Dan always quote this famous line by Jack Welch, “There are no such thing as work-life balance, there is only work-life choices and they have CONSEQUENCES”! The questions for this episode often hint on situations that have very different outcomes depending on your “choices”. One could mean a life-changing opportunity while one could lead to a complete downfall. A lot of times, one wouldn’t know where each choice would lead to. And that is why, you should always remember – to choose wisely!



Mr. Peña, I have been working for our family business for many years and have done a great job. How do I ask for a pay rise? (0:08:08)

My parent control me so much. How do I make sure I get control of my life? (0:13:08)

Tell me about a time when you had to go above and beyond to get a job done. (0:16:39)

How can you build wealth without debt? (0:28:15)

Mr. Peña, I have a question about old people and I am not calling you old but you must have some friends that are high there in age. What are their regrets? (0:44:00)

Mr. Peña, what did you think would be your end game? What were you goals in the beginning (as a child)? (0:59:01)


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One Response

  1. Jan Bursky says:

    When I saw this article it reminds me about you Dan.


    Belive in your fucking self.
    Stay up all fuckung night.
    Work outside of your fucking habits.
    Know when to fucking speak up.
    Fucking collaborate.
    Don’t fucking procrastinate.
    Get over your fucking self.
    Keep fucking learning.
    Form follows fucking function.
    A computer is a Lite-Bride forbad fucking ideas.
    Find fucking inspiration everywhere.
    Fucking network.
    Educate your fucking client.
    Trust your fuckung gut.
    Ask for fucking help.
    Make it fucking sustainable.
    Question fucking everything.
    Have a fucking concept.
    Learn to take some fucking criticisms.
    Make me fucking care.
    Use fucking spell check.
    Do your fucking research.
    Sketch more fucking ideas.
    The problem contains the fucking solution.
    Think about all the fucking possibilities.

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