Episode 15: Trustworthy

Episode 015: Trustworthy

What’s up with entrepreneurs these days? People are always thinking twice about sharing anything with anyone. Are you one of those people who think everyone is out to get you or steal your idea? Let’s put it in another way, do you think you, yourself, are trustworthy?



Some of the questions answered on the video are seen below:

“If you trust no one, you cannot trust yourself”… How do I find a trustworthy mentor? (5:12)

I have met with a potential business partner twice and he seems to be a great fit in all aspects. The only issue to be resolved is whether I can trust him. Is there some type of a test? (23:15)

I am interested in Dan’s guiding principles (religious/spiritual philosophies/etc) and what has gotten him through the tough times? (28:45)

What destroy’s a business’/success and have you even seen someone on top crumble to ruins? how can this be avoided? (44:12)

How should I start creating a relationship with the local guys here who are already doing what I am about to start? (56:37)


If you would like to get more information about Dan’s QLA seminars, please send an email to his assistant Thelma, at thelmag@guthriecastle.com.


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