Episode 17: The High Performance Attitude

Episode 017: The High Performance Attitude

How would you handle a complex situation? What actions should you immediately take? How can you improve your life and business with a high performance attitude?



Some of the questions answered on the video are seen below:

(03:30) What are the top 3 habits that a high performer should have?
(08:50) What makes you fearless?
(19:15) Out of all of the high performance people that you have met, who has impressed you the most and why?
(30:55) It is possible to turn the exact strong emotional elements fueling my desperation to fuel inspiration?
(33:00) What do you do during the tough moments? How do you proceed when you have to use will power?
(36:10) When do you know when a plan has fauled or just a temporary setback to adjust your plan?
(36:10) When is it just a temporary defeat to work on your plan/idea and when dpo you call it a defeat?
(38:15) How does a cunt like me find my f*cking passion?
(49:45) Dan mentioned there was a difference between high performers in the 90′s and would be high performers today. Aside from the brazen drunken antics, could Dan hit on what the difference is?
(57:20) Have you ever had an identity crisis?


If you would like to get more information about Dan’s QLA seminars, please send an email to his assistant Thelma, at thelmag@guthriecastle.com.


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