Episode 9: Take The Lead

Episode 009: Take The Lead

Whether you’re building a dream team, mentoring someone else, or running a business, it takes more than just a set of instructions from one person to accomplish the impossible. It takes a great leader.

In this episode, there are several questions relating to leadership and how one can become the ideal figure that people will respect and follow.


Mr. Peña, how do you measure leadership? Or alternatively, how do you assess how much leadership skill a person has? (00:06:05)

How did your workday look like as the leader of an acquisition company? (00:08:36)

Can you also outline the steps for people who want to remain employees and also for people who want to start a business from scratch on the internet? (00:26:25)

Do you have any advise on how I can trigger this (business)? (00:17:10)

If I drive a Rolls to work, do you think this would cause friction with the employees? (00:17:35)


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